Which Type Of Shopfront Sign Is Right For Me?

Wondering what type of shopfront sign is right for you? Well look no further, as Orange Signs can guide you through a list of things that may provide you with more insights which will help you make a firm decision on which direction to take.

Step 1


One of the key steps to take right off the bat is to do some research within your industry and review what your competitors are doing, as this will give you great insight into what’s currently trending and how you measure up against it. 

Here are some examples of work we have done in the past.

3D and illuminated signage in sydney

Step 2


When it comes to brand identity, think about what look and feel your brand should display. This involves contemplating texture, smoothness, lighting, and so on. 

Keep in mind that your shopfront sign should always be consistent with your brand identity and that there is no disconnect, as providing consistency with your branding is a key element to brand associated and recognisable signage. 

Step 3


You may want to consider the practicalities of how the shopfront sign

is put up on your store. 

For example; are there any protruding objects that could pose a challenge? Will there be enough space to work with? Will there be enough lighting within the area? Working out the practicalities and challenges will determine what type of sign you should go for.

Step 4


Another aspect to take into consideration are the security features that could be added, such as CCTV and security lighting.

These add-on features can help with securing your valuables if you have a high-end store such as jewellery, electronics, or anything luxurious in nature. Keep in mind that whilst this is about security, you can also use the lighting to your advantage by strategically placing signage within the security lighting, meaning your brand will be lit at all times.

Step 5


Seeking out professional help from a graphic designer or a marketing agency when it comes to designing your shopfront will help elevate your ideas to the next level. 

Their expertise will remove the frustration, guesswork, and any other headaches by providing you with solid reasoning and understanding behind their recommendations from both practical and style perspectives.

At Orange Signs, we also do designs if you ever need one drafted out for you. When it comes to your branding/signage, we can tell you what works and what doesn’t, which will give you peace of mind that as professionals, we know what will work best when it comes to your shop front sign.

Step 6


Your budget can determine which direction you’d like to go when it comes to fabricating your shopfront sign. 

A basic lightbox with a vinyl logo on it can help get you started, but if money isn’t an issue, you can have all the bells and whistles, such as an illuminated backdrop with 3d lettering.

These 6 points listed should give you a better understanding of what your business needs – and if you need any help in getting started, feel free to contact us or submit your details to get a quote.

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