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We love signage in every aspect. We love to create art, from start to finish. Our style is less is more. The details matter. Let the signage do the talking. Clean lines, slick style, crisp fonts. We have 14 years experience in signage & design. There is nothing we cannot achieve, or do.


Orange Signs

About us

Hey, I am Rhye Blanchard and I am the Founder and Owner of Orange Signs. At a young age, my passion for signage was born as I watched my father start and run a signage business in his hometown of Adelaide. My younger years were spent making vinyl signs of all sorts and selling them to my mates at school. This quickly progressed into developing skills in other areas of the craft and before I knew it, my signage journey officially began. 

Fast forward to now, I have spent the last 15 years working exclusively  in the signage game, covering multiple states and refining my skills alongside some the best sign writers in the industry. 

Orange Signs is a christian based business, and we hold ourselves accountable to the values of honouring our word, our clients and always aiming to produce a service of excellence in everything that we do.


Our team loves to help with design concepts for your branding and business.  80% of communication is non-verbal – we love design which communicates the intangible things, guiding your customers to you over your competitors.  Question: why do food businesses use the fonts and colours they do?  Or mechanic workshops?  Barbers?  Hair Dressers?  Clothing brands?  Spare a thought for how you instinctively expect a business to be branded: which businesses does your ‘gut feel’ guide you toward when you choose a product or service?  Why did you choose them over the others?  It’s an interesting thought experiment, one that has everything to do with design.  This is why we love it!


Our production team have years of experience installing general signs, high end signs, and some pretty weird stuff that I guess you could call signs, that great peoples creative genius has thought up! We have the experience in advising on the different tiers of quality in materials and fixings you can choose from. Is your sign outdoors, indoors, exposed to sunlight or the elements? Is your sign only needing to be temporary, or is it to be produced for the long haul?  We know materials, we know signs.  We can help you choose the right price / quality option which works for you. We are old experienced hands with young eyes and minds.


There are many tricks to getting installs done right.  Have you ever walked past a shopfront, and something about the signage catches your eye but not in a good way?  The alignment is warped?  There’s small defects?  We see it all the time!  It amazes us how many easily avoided, rookie mistakes we see on signage in our daily travels.  Our installation team has years of experience – often painful – in installing signage.  A lot of our know-how has come from getting things wrong, and  doing it all again at our own expense.  There are many tips & time-saving techniques we’ve learned, which only come from hard-earned experience and mentorship from old hands in the industry.

Our quality


Here are some of our favourite projects.  These are ones we feel stand out, bring life to a space, and have a real impact. 

Just some of our


business card design services

Business cards

A picture says a 1000 words, thats why we feel a business card is so important on first impressions. Ask us about our options, we

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self adhesive vinyl signs

Vinyl signs

Vinyl signs Self adhesive vinyl comes in an array of formulas, specifications, colours, brands and styles. One size doesn’t fit all with vinyl signs.  It’s important

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promotional banners and signs

Promotional signs

Promotional signs Promotional signage materials are a great way of being seen, and getting your name out there to your customers.  From fliers and distribution, to

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custom design sign services


Design can often be daunting.  Design needs to encompass a lot of non-verbal messages to your customers.  Simple things like colours, fonts, and shapes can tell a

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a frame signage design services

A – Frames

A frames are an excellent way to bring your businesss exposure. There are multiple options for sizes, materials, & designs. We can make them out

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3D and illuminated signage in sydney


We absolutely LOVE LED signage! There are so many interesting and exciting things you can do!  3D and illuminated signage has an incredible impact visually, and

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