If you’re looking for the latest trends on 3D lettering signs for 2023, then look no further!

Let’s break down the latest Top 5 Trends so that you have better idea of what to look for when designing your own 3D lettering signs.

Number 1 – Flex Neon

Within the last decade, Flex Neon or Neons in general, have been one of the most popular trends. 

But whilst having been around for a while, it seems like this nifty technology isn’t backing down anytime soon, and will continue to grow in demand at a high rapid rate. 

Its impact has been so great that its usage has expanded from businesses and into personal use, with Neons now also seen weddings, birthdays, and even wall decorations in homes. 

Not only that, but the LED version of the Flex Neon  is much cheaper to buy, and thanks to videos out there on places like YouTube, can be used in a DIY approach.

The key reasons for Flex Neon’s longevity and popularity is in its timeless look, and its ability to consistently stand out and make an impression.

Number 2 – Chrome / Mirrored Effects

What’s interesting about this type of style is that it can have LED-backlit or without it, a shimmering chrome and mirror effect. 

It provides a classy and luxurious look to the eye that would definitely present your business branding in a more prominent and sophisticated manner. 

This kind of look is largely appealing to CEO’s and executives with its high flying appeal.

Number 3 – Retro Branding Elements

Using gold brass letters displayed on a brick wall, can emulate the appeal of classic advertisin, where modern logo signs with a touch of 80’s paraphernalia can offer a touch of both worlds. 

Old school fonts can bring flashbacks of different eras, such as the typewriter font or the bubble font.

Whilst colors can be used to exude a vibe for your signage, and fonts are exactly the same, so when looking to create that specific ‘feel’ about your company, choose colors and fonts that represent the vibe and era that you are wanting to create.

Number 4 – Minimalist

The title itself is self-explanatory, being that the minimalist approach doesn’t require too many colours or flashy designs to make it stand out. 

This minimalist approach can also be just as impactful as anything flashy, as minimalist signage placed with the right background can be hugely impactful when it comes to catching attention. 

If you are seeking something classy, sometimes minimalistic signage is the way to go, as it offers you something short and sharp, in a neat and easy on the eye appearance. 

Number 5 – Illuminated LEDs

When it comes to illuminated LED’s: It’s bold, it’s beautiful, and it’s innovative! 

If you are really wanting to make an outrageous impact, illuminated LED’s are the way to go. The sign can be static or animated in different colours, or you can even display it as a digital medium like an ad. These signs are truly versatile and will provide you with a whole host of options. 

Consider illuminated LED’s like the loudest shirt at a fancy dress party; it catches the eye, and everyone wants to get closer to it out of sheer curiosity – which means more traffic coming into your business. 

If any of these trends interest you and would like to discuss them with one of our staff at Orange Signs we’d be happy to take you through some of these options as made mentioned above.

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