Illuminated Signage

Different Styles of Illuminated Signage

Like any store or shopfront, your inclination will be to have your business to stand out in public. 

You may have already have a sign up displaying your brand logo and name, but for some reason, it’s not grabbing the attention of your target audience. Well, it’s possible that your sign might not be doing you justice and may need a special touch to enhance it.

Or perhaps you’re here to just do some more research on what would be the best-illuminated style sign to suit your business brand. Either way, you are in the right place. 

Here are the 5 common illuminated style signs to choose from that will light up your branding.

Neon classic / Retro Style

Neon signs

are back! One of the most popular trends to date, neon signs first came into the market in 1923 and were invented by a gentleman named Georges Claude, a French engineer, chemist, and inventor. 

From that point onwards, Neon signs became a dominant product for radio, automobiles, accommodation, restaurants, and eventually expanding into becoming symbols of entertainment.

The original style of neon is made out of glass tubes with “inert” gas used in small quantities. Applying electrodes on either end displays “ionise” particles that light up inside the glass tubes. The benefit of this typical neon glass style is that it can light up, and last for up to 15 years in the right environment. Unlike the pretender neon Flexi that uses LED, which will only last about 50,000 hours or 6 years of illumination.

Backlit Display / Halo Style

If you are picturing big, bold 3D letters with glowing light in the background, then the Halo Style is for you.

The illumination

offers a soft feel to give the impression that the sign is hovering on the surface of a wall. It’s both subtle and effective, and is perfectly designed for the indoors and outdoors, such as an office, shopping malls, arcade, and shopfront environment. 

A great thing about this type of style is the variety of colours you can choose from to go with the colour of your brand logo. A lot of businesses commonly choose the Halo Style, because it provides two things: one is the subtlety, and the second is how professional it looks to the eye.

3D Lettering / Face Style

Face Style signs are 3D letters made in acrylic with LEDs lighting up inside each letter, with each letter being individually illuminated evenly. 

This approach will give you two types options; rimless or rime and return. 

Rimless is a 3D letter that only displays LED lighting up the face (front) of the letter and not the sides. 

Rime and return is a 3D letter with LED lighting up on all sides including the front.

Light Bulb / Nostalgic Style

If you’re into the late 1800s era and steampunk genre, then you’ll love the light bulb signage. 

It has made a huge come back in restaurants, cafes, and weddings by bringing that nostalgic feel to the environment. 

The way this sign is put together is by creating 3D letters with the space inside filled with light bulbs. 

This type of sign goes well with a rusty, brassy, and earthy interiors when it comes to achieving a trendy vibe in your store.

The Return Style

This type of approach can have acrylic letters (not 3D) which feature a solid coloured face. 

The light will illuminate only through the solid face and nowhere else. 

This particular style is not common, which can be an advantage if you want to stand out differently from most what businesses are using today.


If you have any questions on any of these illuminated signs, feel free to contact us or request a quote by submitting your details to us.

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